Tuesday, 17 January 2012


There are very few people who don’t instantly recognise the Calabash pipe as the one Sherlock Holmes smoked ( he didn’t actually, in the stories he smoked either a clay pipe or a Cutty – the calabash is pure Hollywood!)
Calabash pipes are a real joy to smoke, ideal for a long sit and read in the library, while puffing away contentedly.
The problem comes when you’ve finished smoking.  The Calabash has to be placed vertically otherwise all the moisture either runs into the mouthpiece which makes it taste like a putrid weasel, or pools in the bowl which eventually affects the colour.
Unfortunately because of its shape you cannot use a normal pipe stand, so up until now the answer was to prop it up between two stacks of books, which is all right until you knock it over.
I have over thirty Calabashes myself and have often been faced with the same problem – so I decided to do something about it – and here it is.
Each stand is handcrafted in carefully selected home grown wood, and finished to the highest standard.  It is designed to take the big calabashes and the small ones and just about everything in between.
They come flat pack and only need simple assembly, you can either glue the supports in or leave them free – it doesn’t affect the stand.

A lovely piece of furniture that would grace anyone’s home.

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